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Find detailed information about our project, large carnivores in Europe and contacts in the field of livestock protection and coexistence.

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A short, 2-sided project flyer with all vital information regarding the project.  Feel free to download the flyer to share it with an interested audience or use it to get a quick overview of our work.




Our extensive project poster gives a short overview of our project work, the carnivores we are focused on, and what stakeholders are involved.  It also has a map of where carnivores live in Europe.


Livestock protection brochure


This brochure will show which measures have proven to be effective. It is based on the international experiences of farmers (including mountain and sheep farmers), shepherds, hunters and other wildlife specialists and has been produced as part of the LIFE EuroLargeCar-
nivores project.Protecting livestock from parasites in the pasture and bad weather, and from attacks from other animals in particular, has always been part of the role of livestock owners. With the extermination of large carnivores - bears, lynx and wolves - around 150 years ago in many regions in Europe, the formerly critical protection from this risk was no longer required. 


GUIDE - How to live with wolves


This brochure aims to illuminate answers to the most pressing questions posed by people who now live in close vicinity to wolves. At the same time, the wolf deserves a factual debate without being romanticised, demonised or polemicized.The wolf is back! And it is not alone. For many years, things didn’t look good for large mammals here in Europe. Deprived of their natural habitats and eradicated by humans, many species had completely disappeared from large areas of Europe. But thanks to stricter nature conservation legislation and successful species protection projects, the prospects are now good for wolves, lynxes, moose and other species.


stakeholder perspectives

This report provides the initial findings from this projects engagement and summarizes regional European perspectives about large carnivore management. It describes challenges and solutions at the regional level that people have identified to improve conservation management practices and to reducethe potential for economic losses. It also makes a series of recommendations that could improve human-large carnivore coexistence. The perspectives of people who have potential interactions with carnivores on a daily basis are critical to the EuroLargeCarnivores project. To capture the perspectives of different stakeholders, the relationships among them and the types of challenges and solutions they identified, an extensive stakeholder engagement process was designed.


cdp news 

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Issue Winter 2020


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