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Stories of Coexistence - Video Campaign 2020

On February 11th LIFE EuroLargeCarnivores launched a Europe-wide video campaign to show that coexistence between people and large carnivores is possible. More than 30 people mostly from remote and rural communities in twelve European countries share their experiences: Farmers and shepherds who found ways to protect their livestock after attacks;  ecotourism operators, beekeepers, hikers, hunters and villagers explain how they deal with the challenges and chances that come with the presence of large carnivores and how they find ways to accept or even to appreciate them.

The videos show that there already are a lot of working solutions that can be locally adapted and even transfered to other countries. But an improved coexistence requires that those living close to large carnivores get sufficient support and the right tools to reduce and avoid conflict. The rural communities and the agricultural traditional practices are a European Heritage as is wolf, bear, lynx and wolverine in the ecosystem. The campaign aims to inspire people in Europe to rethink and an invitation to exchange experiences and find solutions across borders.

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Press Release (English)

From the Carpathians to Scandinavian forests

From the Carpathians to the Pyrenees, from the Scandinavian to Polish forests - the people portrayed in the campaign are living in different countries and speak different languages but they have one thing in common - they all believe that coexistence is possible: From the former Slovakian hunter who now is helping with the lynx monitoring, to the Spanish shepherd who successfully keeps the wolf away or the French cheesemaker who uses the bear as a selling argument, the Polish beekeeper and the Norwegian skier who met a wolverine once.


I strongly believe that large carnivores have the same right to live here as we do.

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