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With the help of our 16 European partners we created infographics, distribution maps, graphic novels and wall calendars about large carnivores. We have also produced a video about a study by Croatian scientists, which deals with the question “Who is afraid of the big bad wolf?”

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Guardian Dogs

Bear Protection


How to behave with wolves

Benefits of large carnivores


Distribution of wolves, lynx, bears and wolverines in Europe


Wolves in Europe

Lynx in Europe


Bears in Europe

Wolverines in Europe


Who is afraid of the big bad wolf?


Comics about coexistence with large carnivores




Communicating and creating awareness for conflicts with large carnivores and ways to coexist with them can sometimes be exhausting. Thankfully, WWF Poland created four very different graphic novels explaining contrasting views of bears, lynxes, and wolves. Feel free to read and share the stories.


Conflict with Bears


The Media and Wolves

Living Conditions of a Lynx


Wall Calendars for 2021 *free download*


Style: Coexistence

Style: Save Lynx

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