AR animals

Experience Large Carnivores through Augmented Reality in Your Living Room

They are very rare, live concealed, or are exceptionally well-camouflaged: Observing native wildlife like the lynx and wolf in their natural habitat requires a good dose of luck! For many, they remain the mythical wolf and the enigmatic wildcat lynx. That's why the 3D models present themselves in life-size and with meticulous detail. Pop-up info boxes reveal genuine expert knowledge about each species. In line with the motto: 'We can only appreciate and protect what we know!'


The Lynx is a secretive forest dweller, preferring to inhabit vast wooded areas. Today, there are approximately 9,000 lynx in Europe. With its excellent vision and remarkable hearing, it stealthily approaches its prey at dawn and even during the night. Its beautiful, yellowish-brown spotted fur makes it nearly invisible.


Wolves are masterful adapters and once inhabited a wide range of ecosystems. Today, there are approximately 17,000 wolves in Europe. The fact that they are spotted near settlements is a reality in many European countries. This is because while wolves may avoid direct contact with humans, they do not shy away from human-made structures.