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11. June


Lynx Day is a joint initiative of the cross-border project 3Lynx and was launched in 2018 by WWF and project partners. In Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, and Slovenia, the project partners and other NGOs hosted public events and campaigns for this endangered species. Year after year, more countries join in to raise awareness of the strictly protected and largest cat in our European forests. 


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See the Virtual Lynx

This year, on Lynx Day, smartphone users have the opportunity to see a lynx face to face. Anyone who visits the site wwf.de/luchstag can call up a virtual lynx and view it in the direct surroundings. Since the lynx lives very secretly in forests, hardly anyone ever gets to see it. With the help of augmented reality, you can now at least observe the lynx virtually.

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Updates from European Partners
  • # France hosts a webinar about coexistence with the lynx (11.06, 5-6pm)

  • # Romania created a blog "10 Facts about the lynx"
  • # Great news from Spain, there are over 1.000 Iberian Lynx in the wild.
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From Lynx Hunter to Lynx Researcher


Information about Lynx for Download

Calender: Save Lynx

Map: Lynx in Europe



Comic: Life of a Lynx

Graphic: Carnivores

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