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We are excited to introduce our LC factsheets. The info sheets provide an overview of large carnivores such as wolf, lynx, bear, and wolverine and their distribution in Europe. In addition, issues that arise with the occurrence of large carnivores in the proximity of humans are highlighted and options on how to face challenges are presented. Have a look at the factsheets from all our European partners and learn more about the occurrence of large carnivores in 15 different countries.

Austria, Croatia, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine

Factsheet Austria EN and GER


Factsheet Croatia EN and HR


Factsheet Finland EN and FI


Factsheet France EN and FR


Factsheet Germany EN and GER


Factsheet Hungary EN and HU


Factsheet Italy EN and IT


Factsheet Norway EN and NO


Factsheet Poland EN and PL


Factsheet Portugal EN and PT


Factsheet Romania EN and RO


Factsheet Slovakia EN and SK


Factsheet Spain EN and ES


Factsheet Switzerland EN and CH


Factsheet Ukraine EN and UK


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