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March 2021



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The workshop focusses on the problem of wildlife crime in Europe and wants to raise awareness for illegal actions directed towards protected animals, especially large carnivores. The illegal killing of protected and endangered species remains one of the key challenges in their conservation and recovery. Throughout Europe there are similar difficulties in preventing and prosecuting wildlife crime especially the lack of knowledge on the extent of crime cases, a lack of awareness and capacity to comply with EU environmental law and as a result a very low rate of successfully prosecuted offenses.

Through this workshop the LIFE EuroLargeCarnivores project wants to provide a space for authorities responsible for fauna conservation, law enforcement authorities, crime investigators, prosecutors, forensic scientists, conservation actors and stakeholders to exchange about their experiences in preventing, investigating, documenting and prosecuting wildlife crime cases.

Speakers from different geographical and professional backgrounds will give insights into their experiences of dealing with wildlife crime. After each talk there will be time for the participants to raise questions as well as a space for further discussion at the end of the workshop.



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                              Speakers and Topics

Successful investigation of wildlife crime in Italy 

  • General Massimiliano Conti, Carabinieri forestali - Nucleo CITES 
  • General Massimiliano Conti will talk about the experiences of the Italian Forest police in investigating and preventing wildlife crime in Italy. He will present selected cases and explore the factors that lead to arrest and prosecution




  • The Anti-Wolf Mafia - Fighting organized wildlife crime in Norway 
  • Joachim Schjolden, National environmental crime coordinator of the Norwegian Police
  • Joachim from the Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental crime will give insights into the investigations when several wolf poachers were arrested and convicted in 2015



  • .Sniffing out poison: how dogs are saving birds in Hungary
  • Márton Arvay, BirdLife Hungary
  • Márton will talk about the use of detection dogs in the framework of the PannonEagle Life+ project: Hungary is one of the countries where the top mortality of eagle species is direct poisoning. The trained dogs are helping to detect the poisonous baits as well as carcasses of wild animals




  • Fighting against Wildlife Crime on the Iberian Peninsula
  • David de la Bodega, SEO/BirdLife - Guardianes de la Naturaleza
  • David will talk about SEO’s activities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of actions aimed at combating wildlife crime in Portugal and Spain
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  • Egg Collecting in Scandinavia - Transboundary cooperation in fighting bird crime
  • Thomas Birkö & Jan-Eric Hägerroth (Kungsörn Sverige)
  • Thomas and Jan-Eric will talk about successful cooperation between NGOs and Swedish, Finnish and British Police- and Custom authorities in fighting illegal trade and collection of bird eggs




  • Applying pilot toolkits in observing Environmental Crime and Environmental Law's Implementation   
  • Michalis Probonas, Natural History Museum of Crete
  • Michalis Probonas and colleagues will talk about the Environmental Law Observatories in Crete and the results of their communication strategy and the involvement of stakeholders in Crete



  • LIFE SWiPE Wildlife Crimes Data Collection in 11 European countries
  • Roselina Stoeva (WWF Bulgaria)
  • Roselina will talk about the recently launched LIFE SWIiPE project and its methodology to collect data on wildlife crimes throughout Europe and how to collaborate with diverse stakeholders to improve data collection
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